How to Maintain Garage Doors

Do you know the importance of regular garage door maintenance? Do you realize that maintaining the garage door is something that you should perform at least once a year? The objective behind this is to keep a garage door in its good working state for many years to come. Furthermore, regular garage door maintenance will avoid any potential and damages due to malfunctioning garage door. Click here to get more information about garage door services.

Check the wear and tear:

Check all the moving parts of garage door thoroughly including garage door opener, tracks, and bolts. Try to find out an excessive dust, formation of grease, metal filling, and worn ball bearing, and other damaged parts. In case, you found any faulty piece, you will have to replace them before operating a garage door. Anyone who is handy in home improvement projects can do this with the help of standard tools. You may be able to find replacement parts from any reputed hardware store. In some cases, you can order required parts directly from the manufacture’s website.

Lubricating moving components:

Make sure that you have lubricated all the moving components including pulleys, rollers, tracks, and hinges with the help of light silicone spray, and lubrication oil. Don’t pour too much oil because it can attract dirt and dust and this formation will cause to stop the garage door from working properly. Make sure that you have lubricated all the parts and then up and down the garage door several times to make sure that the lubrication has been evenly distributed.

Inspect the locking mechanism of your garage door. You should spray the keyhole to make sure that it will stay smooth and wont gum up. It is also good to lubricate the latches at each side of manual garage door. Always follow the manual’s instruction provided by manufacturer regarding the garage door adjustment and lubrication.

Negligence of garage door maintenance will result in loud sounds and malfunctioning of a garage door. If you don’t have user’s manual, you can easily find it online as long as you know the brand and model number of your garage door. You can found a model number inside a garage door.

If you have performed above mentioned maintenance work and you still experience that it is not working properly, it means that damages is so great which should be left to the professional. Sometimes, you just need to follow the DIY tips and techniques to get back your garage door in tip-top position. However if you are not sure about how to handle them, it is better to get professional garage door assistance rather than risk injuries yourself or damaging the garage door entirely.