Build Your Natural Wood Cedar Garage Doors

Natural wooden garage doors enhance aesthetically curb appeal and add value to any building. Oak, redwood, and cedar are the famous type of wood used in the preparation of garage doors. Natural wood really looks great at accenting your buildings. In terms of garage door prices, wood garage doors are relatively costly than other garage doors. They are obviously not as durable as metal or composite garage doors. Visit the website at to learn the buying, installing, and maintaining the process of a wood garage door.

A wooden garage door will not resistant to weather. It can quickly expand and contract due to extreme temperature and moisture. Therefore, regular maintenance services are required to keep them in a good working position. There are plenty of wood care products that you can use to protect your wooden garage door against moisture and water damages. If you live in an area where winter conditions are severe and snow will lay against the garage door for an extended period of time then you need to maintain the wood garage door more often. On the other hand, if you live in an area where the summer period is too long, you will also have to perform a good maintenance job to protect your investment. 

The cheapest wooden garage door is constructed with redwood while the oak and cedarwood garage doors are expensive. A standard-sized 16×7 redwood garage door will cost about $600 to $800 depending on the type of construction.  Tilt-up garage doors are specially designed using the wood material. Cedar garage doors offer additional benefits of being lightweight material and extremely rot-resistant properties. Furthermore, the white cedar garage door does a good job of insulation. If you have decided to use a flush roll-up garage door ensure that its panels are constructed with one solid piece of wood. If you do not follow this rule, there are good chances that the panels will start to show warping due to climate effects. 

Discovering the cedar and redwood material which is quite straight and clean can be a hectic and expensive process. Remember, thin wood panels will have a higher risk of warping. However, if you go with an oak garage door with large solid panels then the weight of the garage door will be another concern. Definitely, you will not want to have cedar wood garage doors or any other wood garage door in areas of high wind risk. Well, you can apply a high wind covering to the wooden garage door to protect it from hurricanes according to your local high wind building codes. In some areas, local building codes will not allow you the modification. It is really advisable to find a conventional high wind garage door that offers an artificial wood finish embossed on it especially if you live along with the coastal areas.

There is no doubt that natural wood garage doors do look amazing and wonderful. The oak, redwood, and white cedar garage doors will enhance the curb appealing and value of your home. It is really hard to beat the beauty of real wood.