Garage Door Repair Troubleshooting Techniques

Having a jammed or malfunctioned garage door can be frustrating which almost makes you feel like driving into trouble. People often find themselves in such situations, especially during the winter season. Instead of getting frustrated, use your technical expertise and do some troubleshooting techniques to fix the malfunctioning garage door. If you are not skilled and unfamiliar with the mechanism of garage doors, it is strongly recommended that hire professional Converse garage door repair technicians to deal with your non-working garage door.

First of all, spend a few minutes inspecting the garage door thoroughly to see if its safety mechanism is functioning properly. Sometimes the default setting of the safety features of the garage door may stop the garage door from opening or closing. In this case, these troubleshooting techniques will help you. Here are some of the tasks that you can perform before calling professional help offered by any garage door company:

  • An automatic garage door has some safety features like automatic or vacation lock modes. If your garage door is shifted to that mode, then it will not open even with the remote. You need to unlock the garage door manually and set back it to its normal setting.
  • Check the batteries of the remote and replace them, if needed. If you are using rechargeable batteries, then it could be an issue. After replacing the batteries, if you are not able to operate the garage door, then you need to buy a new remote. 
  • Make sure that the power supply system is in a good position. Maybe the garage door opener was unplugged accidentally due to broken wires. In this case, you need to call professional experts to fix the problem.
  • Check the garage door sensors to see if the lights are blinking. If they are not working, it would be wise to replace them. Make sure that nothing would be obstructing the path of sensors.

Entrust the garage door repair experts:

Automatic garage doors function on a simple operating mechanism. The garage door is installed with pulleys and springs to support the garage door in operations. So, it is not complicated to understand what is wrong with the garage door. Minor garage door issues can easily be fixed on your own while major replacement tasks should not be attempted by homeowners. The reason is that these garage doors are heavy and contain with highly tensed components that can hurt you badly. Even if you are skilled, it is wise if you have it inspected and fixed by professionals.

There are some faults that you can fix by yourself such as cleaning and greasing the hardware and tightening the loose components of a garage door. You need to tighten the loose screws, nuts, and hinges occasionally. While servicing and fixing the garage door on your own, always keep the user’s manual in hand and follow the instructions accordingly. While replacing the broken parts, try to use premium quality products. Don’t buy anything that may cause accidents and damage the garage door.