Garage Door Repair Troubleshooting Techniques

Having a jammed or malfunctioned garage door can be frustrating which almost makes you feel like driving into trouble. People often find themselves in such situations, especially during the winter season. Instead of getting frustrated, use your technical expertise and do some troubleshooting techniques to fix the malfunctioning garage door. If you are not skilled and unfamiliar with the mechanism of garage doors, it is strongly recommended that hire professional Converse garage door repair technicians to deal with your non-working garage door.

First of all, spend a few minutes inspecting the garage door thoroughly to see if its safety mechanism is functioning properly. Sometimes the default setting of the safety features of the garage door may stop the garage door from opening or closing. In this case, these troubleshooting techniques will help you. Here are some of the tasks that you can perform before calling professional help offered by any garage door company:

  • An automatic garage door has some safety features like automatic or vacation lock modes. If your garage door is shifted to that mode, then it will not open even with the remote. You need to unlock the garage door manually and set back it to its normal setting.
  • Check the batteries of the remote and replace them, if needed. If you are using rechargeable batteries, then it could be an issue. After replacing the batteries, if you are not able to operate the garage door, then you need to buy a new remote. 
  • Make sure that the power supply system is in a good position. Maybe the garage door opener was unplugged accidentally due to broken wires. In this case, you need to call professional experts to fix the problem.
  • Check the garage door sensors to see if the lights are blinking. If they are not working, it would be wise to replace them. Make sure that nothing would be obstructing the path of sensors.

Entrust the garage door repair experts:

Automatic garage doors function on a simple operating mechanism. The garage door is installed with pulleys and springs to support the garage door in operations. So, it is not complicated to understand what is wrong with the garage door. Minor garage door issues can easily be fixed on your own while major replacement tasks should not be attempted by homeowners. The reason is that these garage doors are heavy and contain with highly tensed components that can hurt you badly. Even if you are skilled, it is wise if you have it inspected and fixed by professionals.

There are some faults that you can fix by yourself such as cleaning and greasing the hardware and tightening the loose components of a garage door. You need to tighten the loose screws, nuts, and hinges occasionally. While servicing and fixing the garage door on your own, always keep the user’s manual in hand and follow the instructions accordingly. While replacing the broken parts, try to use premium quality products. Don’t buy anything that may cause accidents and damage the garage door.

Garage Door Installation Project

Aside from the vehicle parking lodge, the garage is normally a place where you can put the stuff that you seldom use. It also works as a basement to store your unused belongings. Yet it is convenient to stack things in place but you don’t forget that a garage permits easy access to criminals.

For this reason, every homeowner should check the basic features including material, texture, construction, cost, and security features. The great quality steel garage door can protect your car and house, and whole household from criminals. You can consult a professional garage door expert like, Greensboro NC garage door installation to handle garage door installation projects.

One great technique to effectively install a garage door is as simple as ensuring the garage door has security features and is also installed correctly to prevent accidents. Aside from security objectives, it guarantees simple operations for the garage door. There are reported cases of accidents and injuries resulting from garage door spring replacement therefore ensure the security and safety of your family.  

If you are not proficient in installing garage door springs safely, it is better to get professional assistance. Leaving this process to the experts make your family secure and protected. Besides, just the benefits, you can get the guarantee that you will get the best garage door using a right-installed garage door spring. In accordance with this, it might be great to hire professional garage door companies rather than complete the project on your own.

Installing garage door opener needs great mechanical skills for that reason you will have to understand the setup carefully before starting the work. If you experience any issues during the garage door opener installation project, it is better to find out professional garage door services. You will certainly need the right tools and products for garage door installation. Make sure that you are just good in tools management to get the benefits you need.  The following mentioned are the great techniques to be followed before and after the installation process. These techniques will make your work simpler for you. 

  • Use any high-quality lubricant to get smooth operations. It eliminates the stuck functions that often delay the job.
  • Try to eliminate the cords so that no one cannot get trapped which will result in terrible accidents.
  • Consult professional garage door experts. But if you want to do it on your own, be cautious about the details.
  • Before working on the garage door, disconnect the power supply. It is really important to prevent electric shock.

These security measurements must always be followed to avoid any incident. In case of any confusion, it is always suggested to hire a professional garage door installer to handle the garage door project.

Garage Door Problems and Their Solutions

A garage door is one of the basic and yet most important equipments around your house. When you get ready for your office or party and open the garage door with just a single click of a button on the remote to get your car out, you never realize what an essential machine it is.

However, when something goes wrong with your garage door, you have no option of getting your car out and you are getting late for your work or party then you realize how important it is to perform everyday tasks. It is always recommended that when your garage door starts to get the malfunction, it is wise that you perform the garage door repair and maintenance jobs at the soonest.

Some garage door repair tasks are not hard to handle and you can perform these on your own if you are good with machines and tools. Well, if you are not sure about your capabilities then don’t try to attempt the garage door repair jobs on your own as it could hurt you. There are plenty of professional garage door companies such as Pearland garage door repair that offer fast and efficient services. There are various problems that you can face with your garage door.

  • The garage door does not respond to the opener at all
  • The garage door opener is running but the garage door does not open
  • The garage door opens and closes slowly or partially
  • Hard to open or close
 Garage Door

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you will have to pay attention to garage door repair and maintenance tasks right now. The garage door repair works normally involve testing the condition of the garage door motor, replacing the batteries of the opener, lubricating the mechanism, tightening the moving hardware, and aligning the system in the right manner. Before starting any work, you should disconnect the power supply because you need a continuous power supply to test the working conditions of every component.

Next, you need to find out which type of operating system you are using on your garage door. There are two types of operating systems, one is torsion springs and the other is an extension spring system. The extension garage door springs are easier and safer to handle than torsion springs. If it is a type of system that have cables and pulleys then you need to replace the broken springs, rollers, cables, or pulleys. If you have a torsion spring system, you need to call a professional garage door technician. This is because the torsion spring is large and mounted at the overhead space of the garage door. They hold a great amount of pressure that may hurt you while performing garage door repairs.

If you need temporary solutions to fix your malfunctioning garage door, then shirt the garage door to manual operating mode. You need to pull the red cord that hangs near the opener. Pulling the cord will disconnect the opener from the garage door and allow you to manually open and close the garage door. Be careful here because if you have a broken garage door spring, the garage door might close suddenly, so keep your kids and pets away from the garage door when you are operating the garage door.

However, if you experience that problems lie with the structural damages not with the operating system, you might need to call a professional garage door company to replace the damaged panel and tracks of the garage door.

Important Points to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

When to get a new garage door or replace the existing garage door, it is time to think about exactly what is important for your house. In this article, I will share some important points to consider while buying a new garage door.


This has to be the starting point of the garage door journey. Luckily, garage doors are often less costly than you may think. Search around to get a few free quotations to find out the right price range.  You should match it to your decided budget so as you start your project you know what you want to spend. You should find out the best deal within your budget.


Check the R-value of the garage door which you consider buying. It is extremely important especially if you have an attached garage. The insulated garage door will save energy costs since heat and cold will not lose from your house. You should consider polyurethane insulation for your garage door as it delivers a higher R-value and eliminates sounds while it seals and strengthens your garage door.  


It is an important feature to be considered for your new garage door. When you install a new garage door, you should choose an electric garage door opener that comes with an automatic reverse system.  You should test the performance of garage door safety sensors periodically after it is installed. Furthermore, you should use a pinch-resistant garage door with resistant bottom brackets. Don’t forget that the garage door is the heaviest and most complicated equipment around your house. Keep it safe to use.


Again your budget plays an important role in the section of garage door material. Steel is more durable and cheap than wood garage doors but they can be repainted and touched periodically. The vinyl garage door will last longer and doesn’t need frequent touch-ups. Wood is elegant, beautiful, and attractive material but it is an expensive option that needs frequent maintenance services. Fiberglass can replicate the appearance of wood at cheap rates and they also need little maintenance.


Windows are used to add a style to even a single garage door. You can find plenty of designs to match your garage door. Give preference to glass windows. Install windows to let daylight in and make your place gloomy, airy, and comfortable. Some sort of Pattern glasses that do not offer a view of the things you have stored in your garage may be recommended and it blocks the views of criminals.

A garage door is an essential part of the security of your house. When it concerns buying a new garage door, make sure that you are going with a certified and reputed garage door company. It will ensure you that everything is exactly right, functioning correctly, and ready to give your house a new look and security.

Simple Things to Check for Garage Door Repair Project

Simple garage door repair work is often handled by the homeowners themselves. There are a few simple things that need to be checked before consulting a professional garage door technician. Some garage door repair works are extremely simple and easy to accomplish.

For example, a squeaky, stiff, or nosier garage door will just need a good cleaning and lubrication using any high-quality silicone spray. Other major garage door repairs such as replacing the torsion springs or malfunctioning opener are extremely dangerous that need the help of professionals like, Tyron, GA garage door repair to handle.

Before proceeding to further garage door repair, don’t forget to unplug the garage door opener from the electric supply, so that you do not get an electric shock while fixing the malfunctioning garage door. Chances are there, you may stand on a ladder which is a really bad place to get an electric shock because you may fall off the ladder and get hurt. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses and gloves while working with the power tools. Here is a list of points to check before calling a professional garage door repair company in this regard.

  • Check the metal tracks to find out the damages:

It is an easy garage door repair work that often solves the malfunctioning of garage doors very fast.  The tracks often may have bumps, dents, or damages. If you find such faulty areas, pound the damaged area of the tracks using a plastic hammer and wood clock to straighten the metal tracks.

  • Check the alignment of metal tracks: 

In case, the metal tracks are not aligned properly, then your garage door will not open or close correctly. It is not always required to unscrew the tracks completely. You just need to loosen the screws and bolts and then gently tap the tracks to their original position. You should check the alignment of tracks with the help of a level. Alignment of tracks will allow you to fix the faulty garage door in no time.

  • Cleanliness of the tracks:

Even though it may sound obvious, the old lubricant and hardened dirt or grease may cause the stuck operations of a garage door. If your garage door just needs merely cleaning of tracks, you can do it in just a few minutes. You can use any mild household cleaner to wash the tracks and then dry them. 

  • Lubricate the rollers and tracks:

Just lubricating the rollers and tracks can fix the issues of the garage door in no time. To lubricate the tracks, you may use any high-quality silicone spray or lubricant oil. It is strongly suggested that lubricate the rollers and tracks properly after cleaning them thoroughly. Basically, any moving hardware will get benefits from lubrication.

  • Tightened the loose screws, blots, and nuts:

The moving components of the garage door including screws and blots tend to become loose with the passage of time. Inspect all the screws and bolts used in the operating mechanism of the garage door. Sometimes, just tightening the hardware may solve the problem. If you are not able to tighten the screws due to the bigger holes then you can use a piece of wood as a filler to cover the holes.

What not to handle?

If you have applied every one of the above-mentioned solutions but none of them have resolved the problems, then you need to check the torsion springs. Well, it is strongly suggested not to perform garage door spring repair work on your own especially if it is a torsion spring. Unfortunately, there are several cases, where people have gotten seriously injured or killed by broken springs. If you have doubts about your skills, don’t try to attempt it on your own. Professional garage door technicians will save you from injuries.

Tips To Prevent the Need for Garage Door Repair

The garage door is an essential and important part of your house that needs to be maintained and repaired as fast as possible as they encounter any type of malfunction. There are several technical details involved in the garage door maintenance and repair work, owing to them is extremely important for the persons without appropriate knowledge and expertise. It is highly suggested to consult a professional garage door expert as soon as your garage door faces any type of malfunctioning. You may think that taking professional services can be costly but it is always wise to follow a regular garage door maintenance regime to avoid the need for garage door repair. Click here to get the services of leading garage door companies offering efficient services. You can rely on their expertise and efficiency to fulfill your garage door needs. 

There are some simple procedures that you can follow to make your garage door functional. Some of the important tips are: 

  • Maintain cleanliness:

It may not seem important but you should make sure to keep your garage door neat and clean, free from any obstruction. You can use mild household cleaner to wash the various parts of the garage door.

  • Apply lubricant:

One of the most important steps to keep your garage door working smoothly is to apply any kind of solvent to various parts of the garage door including tracks, rollers, and hinges. It is extremely important to have pulleys and bearing lubricated as well.

  • Don’t ignore the opener:

The garage door maintenance project will not complete without taking good care of your garage door opener. It is suggested to keep the garage door opener adjusted and lubricated especially the chain-driven opener. There are certain efforts to retain the performance and efficiency of your garage door and prevent it from malfunctioning. But garage doors tend to wear out over time and some parts get so badly affected. It becomes impossible to bring them back to their working positions.

In such situations, the only solution left is to replace the damaged parts through professional garage door experts. It is also important to hire a reputed and registered garage door company because it is an important and sensitive matter. Some of the important factors that you need to consider while hiring a professional garage door company.

  • Experience:

You should choose a garage door company that has extensive experience in the industry. Well, experience comes expertise which is essential for providing valuable services.

  • Equipment:

It is extremely essential that the garage door workers are equipped with the latest tools required to work on the garage door quickly and perfectly.

  • Insurance:

The garage door company you hire should be insured to take the responsibility for any type of fault that your garage door might face during the project.

You can avoid the need for garage door repair works by performing maintenance periodically. However, you should call a professional garage door technician to fix any malfunctioning but make sure that you hire an efficient and reliable source.

Points for Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation is not an easy job. Homeowners attempting to install the garage door on their own often put themselves into trouble. Most of the time, professional assistance will make your work simpler. In this article, I will share certain information that will be beneficial and helpful in your garage door installation project. Click here to find out the local garage door company that will help you in your next garage door installation project.   

Garage door springs:

During the garage door installation project, torsion spring is one of the points to be taken care of. A standard torsion spring system is hard to install or replace by an unskilled individual. On the opposite side, extension springs are easier to handle. You should check the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications if you are not sure what type of springs you are going to install.

Follow the garage door manual instructions:

If you are going to conduct a garage door installation project, keep the garage door manual in your hand. Read the manual beforehand to understand the instructions mention in it. The standard tools that you will need are a tape measure, level, hammer, pliers, and the different sizes of electric screwdrivers. Remember that a new garage door comes in multiple sections. Each section needs to be assembled before hanging them. Using a workbench and sawhorse is recommended for assembling. The assembling process is a time-consuming process.

In the case of garage door replacement, you need to remove the existing garage door before installing the new one. After removing the old garage door and its tracks, you need to inspect the frame of the garage door to make sure there is no ort or damages on them. The most important step in the garage door installation project is to make sure that the first section is placed to level. It is an important step because the remaining sections are stacked on top of the first section. If the first piece is not placed correctly, the garage door will appear crooked. The mounting brackets of tracks also need to be tightened properly.

After installing the first section, attach it to the tracks and corresponding rollers. After completing the first section, proceed to install the remaining sections, repeat the process until all sections are installed. In the last step, install the garage door springs. Use the manufacturer’s direction closely.  

Garage Door

Need for professional garage door assistance:

Professional garage door installation services are always in high demand. There are four major reasons for it. Firstly, the garage door installation contractor has the right expertise and skills to handle the project, secondly, they can save a lot of precious time and effort. Thirdly, they can customize the appurtenance of the garage door to enhance the value of your property. Last but not the least, many garage door installation specialists offer warranties and guarantees on their products and services. Therefore, consider the services of professional garage door installers seriously before you attempt to install the new garage door on your own.

Effective Garage Door Repair Techniques

The garage door is one of the most important parts of your house that you may take for granted. Well, the garage door needs to be taken proper care of and attention.

A stylish garage door can add great value to your building and make your life convenient. With an electric garage door opener and powerful springs, you won’t have to get out of your car to open and close the garage door manually. Automatic garage doors offer a lot of conveniences and make your life easier. But you need professional garage door repair and maintenance services from Burleson garage door repair services to keep it in tip-top condition.

Professional garage door repair services:

Most garage door repair companies will handle any type of garage door repair work. These companies have teams of experienced garage door technicians who can take care of damaged garage door rollers, springs, and openers. This is because the rollers and springs can become ineffective and eventually break down over time. After replacing the damaged components, you will make your garage door functioning as well as a new one. Other common garage door services which garage door company offers may include:

  • Fixing the squeaky garage door
  • Fixing the broken garage door
  • Replacing the malfunctioning garage door opener
  • Replacement of damaged springs, cables, and rollers

Techniques to choose a reliable garage door repair company:

While handling garage door repair projects, it is essential to seek the services of certified and trained garage door experts. It will be a simple way of ensuring that you will get the right value for your money. It can be extremely frustrating to get cosmetic and shoddy fixes only which will go back into bad shape within a short period of time. Unfortunately, there are plenty of professional garage door companies that offer the right type of services that your garage door deserves. However, while choosing the right garage door company:

Consider their experience: Years of experience will give them the expertise to handle any type of problem your garage door is facing. Make sure that the technicians understand what they are doing with the garage door.

Consider the hardware of the garage door: Some companies offer warranty and guarantee against their products and services. It will give you confidence that you are getting quality services for your garage door. 

Consider the fast services: A reliable garage door company offers fast services to cover most of the problems that happened with the garage door. Always choose a company that offers 24/7 emergency services to entertain you as soon as possible.

Consider the cost: The price of the garage door repair project can be determined through the problems at hand and the parts that are needed to take care of. It is suggested to pay a fair amount that matches with the quality of services.

Basics about Your Garage Door Springs

The springs of an automatic garage door are essential parts as they are responsible for lifting and lowering the garage door. Every time you open or close the garage door, the springs work with the help of other parts of the system to lift the garage door by counterbalancing the weight. Although electronically controlled overhead garage doors are operated by an electric opener it is not an opener that does the actual task of lifting the garage door but the springs. Don’t be afraid to visit the link here to find out a garage door professional. They always have experienced staff to answer your questions that you have.

Weight of garage door: To get a clear idea about the importance and mechanism of garage door springs, let’s evaluate the weight of the garage door.  Definitely, the weight of the garage door varies based on the size, design, material used, and insulation. A standard garage door may weigh between 100 to 150 pounds, the medium-sized garage door ranges from 200 to 300 pounds, while the extraordinarily large garage door can weigh more than 400 pounds. However, strong and sturdy garage door springs are used to support all weights of garage doors.

With the passage of time, due to daily wear and tear, spring becomes weeks and eventually break which need to be replaced. Garage door spring replacement can be an extremely dangerous project, this is why, and it is strongly suggested to let a professional does it. When you buy the parts of the garage door especially the “springs”, it is suggested to choose high-quality products, even though they may be a little most costly than the average products. It is the best decision to take for security reasons, but also because this way you will actually save assets and money in the long run. In case, you replace the broken springs with the low-quality springs, they are likely to break down quicker and it will force you to conduct a garage door springs replacement project again.

Types of garage door springs: Torsion springs are located over the top of the garage door which is likely to break first because they hold pressure to counterbalance the weight of the garage door while opening and closing. They are normally oil tempered devices that are created with galvanized steel. The endurance of torsion springs is determined by the length and size of the wire used in manufacturing the springs.

The length and internal diameter of the springs are also considered. Most garage doors are installed with a set of torsion springs which are positioned right in the middle and above the garage door. It makes the lifting process easier. If one spring breaks, the other can support the garage door to prevent injuries and damages. On the other hand, extension springs are located on both sides of the garage door along the metal tracks. They will stretch when a garage door is operated.

Life cycle of garage door springs: Both extension and torsion springs has a specific life cycle described by the manufacturer. On average, these springs are expected to have seven years of life which is 10,000 operating cycles. It means that you should be able to open and close the garage door approximately 10,000 times before they break. By knowing the basics about garage door springs, you will find it easier to keep them in good working condition.

Tips and Advice for Garage Door Repair

Modern homes are constructed with one convenient feature that is “garage”. It is actually an extra space that is used wisely to add security and a lot of value to your building.

These garages are used to protect your belongings. Some people also use these spaces as a studio, office, and workshop. One of the old-fashioned uses of a garage is to provide protection to your vehicle. When you parked your vehicle inside the garage door, it is protected from harsh weather, outside elements, and even theft. You can avail of the services of professional garage door companies such as, Nando’s Garage Door Repair to enjoy the benefits of garage doors.

Another usage you can use in your garage is for “secured storage”. Sometimes, the garage is big enough to allow you to park a car freely and then leave some space to store other stuff. You can store clutter around your house including construction tools, lawnmowers, gardening tools, cleaning equipment, and even boxes containing unused clothes and toys that cannot be used in a house.

A garage can also be used for business objectives. You may want to use extra space to set up an office or workshop for your creative activities. It is true with the advent of many home-based businesses. Regardless of the objectives of the garage, we all agree that it is essential to have a secured and protected house. The best technique to do this is to ensure that you have a well-functional garage door. One way of determining whether your garage door is working properly is to open or close it manually. A good garage door holds its position. If the garage door goes down or creating loud sounds, then it needs to be fixed.

Nowadays, garage door technology has been developed dramatically. Old versions of garage doors are opened and closed manually. It means that once you arrived home, you had to get off your car, walk to the drive path to open the garage door using a regular key. It was really inconvenient if there was snowing, raining, and the hot temperature outside.

Nowadays, it is not hard to install an automatic garage door that you can open and close remotely by just pushing a button. You do not need to leave the car. Your garage door opens itself and the car simply rolls in. Your garage door is set to close automatically when the car goes inside. These garage doors come with safety sensors to ensure that the garage door will not close if there is something on the way of closing the garage door. This safety mechanism is beneficial if there are children and pets at your house.

A garage door is subject to constant opening and closing. If it becomes malfunctions, it should be repaired or replaced. Don’t try to fix the garage door on your own, if you are not sure of what is going on. Garage doors come with a repair guide to help you if you do not know how to handle them. You can simply call a professional garage door expert for maintenance.